The main construction works at Dunkettle commenced in October 2020. We anticipate that sectional openings of the works will take place from 2022 onwards with a maximum time period of 42 months allowed for construction.
Regular updates are issued in relation to progress on the Dunkettle Interchange Upgrade Scheme and other National Primary Road Schemea in the general Cork Metropolitan area. These updates will continue to be issued as we progress through the advance works and main construction phases.
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The maximum period allowed for construction of the main works Contract is 42 months from October 2020.

We are currently progressing a number of significant Dunkettle Interchange Main Works items which have become quite noticable if travelling through the interchange. These Main works include:-

  • The construction of a new Link road taking traffic from the N8 (Lower Glanmire Road outbound from Cork City) to the M8 (Dublin Motorway northbound) are continuing. This free flow Link will allow this element of traffic to bypass the existing Dunkettle Interchange Roundabout completely. The Link is planned to be opened to traffic in early 2022. Removing this traffic movement from the Interchange Roundabout entirely will provide obvious benefits to those using this route but will also benefit all Interchange Roundabout users by reducing the total volume of traffic to be accommodated through the Roundabout.
  •  The construction of key bridge structures which will help traffic navigate the interchange are well underway most notably at the M8-N40 Rail Bridge and the M8-N25 Rail Bridge. Earthworks were completed for these bridges in early 2021 which was closely followed by the columns and crossheads North & South of the railway line. The precast bridge beams have also been placed with works to continue on both structures including deck pour, parapets and finishing works. Similarly works are underway at the N25 Overbridge where concrete columns have been erected and crossheads are currently being constructed. There is traffic management in place to accommodate the works. There are also works taking place currently at the Glashaboy River Bridge south deck and M8 bridge widening works which is necessary to accommodate traffic coming from the N8 (Lower Glanmire Road outbound from Cork City) to the M8 (Dublin Motorway northbound).
  •  As the Dunkettle Interchange is located at an intertidal area there is need for appropriate ground improvements along the full length of all link roads. Prefabricated Vertical Drains (PVD’s) and Controlled Modulus Columns (CMC’s) are currently being installed at various locations along link roads across the site.
  •  The erection of gantries which contain the Intelligent Transport systems for the road network are substantially complete on the N40 and continue on the N8.

Journey times in the junction area will depend on a number of factors including the phase of construction works, time of day, time of year and return of traffic volumes to normal patterns. With up to 94,000 vehicles travelling through the Dunkettle Interchange area on a daily basis (prior to Covid-19) a range of measures such as roadside journey time signs and multiple communication channels have been developed – these will provide real time journey time information and livestreamed footage of traffic flows at various critical parts of the road network. This information is now available via the Dunkettle Live App and the Dunkettle traffic website and the aim is to assist commuters and the travelling public in planning their journeys at the most appropriate times.

The traffic app Dunkettle Live is available as a free download on the Google Play store and the Apple App store .
Refer to Question 11 below for further details.

The short answer here is yes.
The planning and sequencing of the works will, at all times prioritise maintenance of traffic flows to the greatest extent possible. However, the Dunkettle Interchange Upgrade Scheme aims to construct an entirely new road new network on the footprint of the existing Interchange and an element of traffic disruption is inevitable.
Planned lane restrictions, localised diversions etc. will be signalled well in advance of the works again with a view to facilitating motorists in planning their journeys to the greatest extent possible.

We see communication as being a key element of minimising traffic disruption. Accordingly, we will be keeping the travelling public fully informed through weekly newsletters/updates and via the Dunkettle website and Dunkettle Live App. Also, impacts on the travelling public and commuters will be minimised by:-

  • Working “from the outside in”, opening up new road links on a phased basis and steadily reducing traffic volumes on the existing Dunkettle Interchange Roundabout itself as the works are progressed.
  • Keeping running lanes open to the greatest extent possible during peak times. There will however, be times when the hard shoulder areas will need to be closed during these peak times.
  • Bridge lifts, and similar disruptive works will be progressed under night-time and weekend working arrangements to the greatest extent possible.
  • A Traffic Management Forum has already been established and this will continue to operate during the construction phase. This will ensure that Dunkettle Traffic Management will be coordinated with other Projects in the area and with An Garda Siochana/Emergency services with a view to minimising impact on the travelling public.

Yes, there will be road closures required for specific elements of works. Temporary closures will be restricted to night-time working to the greatest extent possible but permanent closures of existing road lengths will also be required. For example, the N25 left in/left out junction to Bury’s Bridge is currently closed with traffic diverted via the Little Island Interchange until the new Dunkettle Eastern Interchange is open to traffic.

All planned road closures will be signalled well in advance to road users and comprehensive Traffic Management arrangements will be put in place associated with all road closures.

During the Dunkettle Interchange Upgrade constructions works, there will be times when Jack Lynch tunnel closures will coincide with Dunkettle works and road users will be notified in advance through roadside signage, Dunkettle progress updates via the weekly newsletter, the Dunkettle Project website, and our twitter updates,
It is also anticipated that a limited number of additional tunnel closures will be required to facilitate night-time working in areas of the Dunkettle site.

Normal working hours on the site are 7am to 7pm Monday to Friday and 7am to 4.30pm on Saturday.
As noted above there will be a fairly significant focus on night-time and weekend working for specific tasks such as installation of Traffic Management arrangements, placing of bridge beams, resurfacing works etc. with the aim of minimising impact on commuting traffic.

On commencement of the main Dunkettle Interchange construction works, there will be a free recovery vehicle should you break down. A phone number for a dedicated local vehicle recovery service will be provided on the Dunkettle Live app and the Dunkettle Traffic website (

In the interim, please contact the Motorway Incident Line on 1800 810 077.

  • The traffic app Dunkettle Live is available as a free download on the Google Play store and the Apple App store
  • A short video demonstrating the functionality of the app can be viewed here:
    Dunkettle Live App Preview.
  • Dunkettle Live was developed in advance of the main construction works, and launched in early December 2019, to provide motorists with real-time traffic information accompanied by live video streaming from the main approaches to the Dunkettle Interchange and live journey times through the junction, to and from all of the major routes: M8, N40, N25, N8.
  • It is hoped that this information may assist the travelling public and commuters with flexible working arrangements to re-schedule their journeys through the interchange to avoid peak traffic periods as people become increasingly aware of the free availability of real time traffic information on all approaches to the Dunkettle Interchange.
  • We would welcome any comments in relation to the app to [email protected].

As always, if there are any queries or comments in relation to the Dunkettle works, please contact us on the freephone number 1800 810077 (at any time - available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week) or by email: [email protected]

We would encourage members of the public to visit the display room in the Dunkettle Site office (by advance arrangement) where full scale model of the completed Dunkettle Interchange is available to view.

The site office is located at Inchera, Little Island and we would be happy to answer any queries between 08.00 to 17.00 hrs.
There is a freephone number 1800 810077 available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
A display room is maintained on site with a 3D model of the completed Dunkettle Interchange and a range of other relevant information.
All are welcome to visit – the visits should be by appointment while the current health emergency continues..

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